Integrating ESG into Business Strategy: Lessons from the Leaders [Free Webcast]


This GreenBiz webcast sounds like an event right on the money. Why and how ESG becomes core to business strategy? 

Tune in: May 27, 2021 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT)

GreenBiz about the webcast:

“The pandemic has altered the way companies think about ESG. This new wave of momentum and compelling evidence from the market response have propelled an increase in ESG investing, along with the growth of ESG reporting and disclosure.

As a result, ESG impact is integral to the company’s strategy, operations, financial decisions and, overall, in the company’s culture. The firms that get this right will thrive, creating accelerating progress towards a livable planet and equitable communities.

In this one-hour webcast, a panel of business leaders will share their insights on treating ESG and business strategy together. Among the things you’ll learn:

  • How to embed ESG to optimize innovation and growth
  • Taking the lead – Where to focus?
  • ESG strategy for differentiation and long-term value
  • Systemically measuring and understanding outcomes and impacts”

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