ESG Strategist or Organizational Peacemaker?


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Job description

We are entering an era of corporations of the people, by the people, for the people. Businesses are expected to serve all stakeholders or face becoming obsolete. Social climate change must happen as we tackle our global challenges, amongst them climate change. ESG will make it all measurable. It must rapidly become core to our strategy and central to our organizational DNA. How that happens makes a huge difference for us all.

In driving our transformation towards social and environmental sustainability your key challenges will be:

Provention. Establish a methodology and shape our culture to continuously identify systemic sources of conflict with our stakeholders. Forecast and map potential conflict areas and design an approach to ensure that further humanizes the organization to serve the interests and meet the needs of our key stakeholders.  Prevent systemic sources of conflict through institutional policies or changes.

Inclusion. Building on best practices of public participation, elevate our stakeholder engagement from one-off outreach to ongoing and equitable inclusion of our stakeholders in our decision making. Co-produce a community of stakeholders with presence, voice and influence in our core processes defined through bottom-up initiatives prioritizing how stakeholders might want to be involved.

Storybonding. Make sure we don’t just tell our story well, but deploy empathy and true listening to hear and decode the multiple identities and stories of our stakeholders. Ensure that the stories we tell create common ground with our customers and communities and result in strong bonding with our brand. Be our Storybond007.