Sustainable Brewing – Free webinar Nov 23, 2 pm CET


beer | brewing | communication | engagement | sustainability

Event by Progressive Media International, sponsored by FFI.

Communicating your approach to sustainability – from addressing climate impacts to protecting the health and wellbeing of customers – can be challenging. According to the latest analysis by Bain, around 90% of brands do not embed sustainability frequently in their communications. And the beer market is significantly behind many other sectors, with 80% of the companies showing ‘low’ levels of communication on sustainable themes, including health, diversity and inclusion, waste, emissions, carbon, and water. So, by rectifying this, beer companies have a real opportunity to gain the competitive advantage, boost growth and win market share among a more enlightened consumer base.

This webinar will explore the current state of play and hear from the brands who are on track to use their strategic approach to sustainability as a differentiator. The panel will give you practical advice, real case examples from their own brands, and tangible solutions to enhance your engagement, transparency and communication efforts in what is a complex landscape.